Whitespace as a design element

There are certain elements the blending of which can make up a great website, but probably one of the most ignored elements today is white space. Every design has white space, but unfortunately just a few web designers can make the use out of it. Most inexperienced web designers and their employers see it as an empty space and hence, a waste of such a valuable screen that they could use to fill more stuff in. But as a matter of fact, white space can be one of the most important parts of your design.

White space: what is it?

The word itself suggests that the space should be white, but in reality whitespace doesn’t necessarily have to be white. It’s got its name from the early days where most printing was done on the white paper. Now the word doesn’t have any references to the color. Whitespace is simply the empty space between the elements of a design. Space can be between images and texts, between columns, sometimes even between lines of type. Some people call this space around design elements negative.

You shouldn’t dismiss those benefits that whitespace can bring to a design of your project. By increasing the interval between the elements in a layout, the overall design can achieve better and more neat look. By adding whitespace into typography of web design, your content can become much more clear.


In the print design, paper is a valuable resource and as a rule, clients want to use every pixel of it. And it’s quite understandable because it costs them money and they want to get the most out of the site. The same things in web design, people have got a limited space to convey their message to the target audiences and post graphic material. However, a big number of web designers don’t use this space in a favourable way. Adding more white space around the element can put it forth from the rest of the content.


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