What is a static or dynamic website?

Static and dynamic websites are the terms that one hears quite often when working in web design industry. These are basically the two main approaches that are used at web design services companies.

“Static” simply means that the information on the site (or a code in other words) doesn’t change. To build a website of such type is more cost-effective than to create a dynamic website.

Static websites are tailored to serve more like a nice printed document and to be referred to on the Internet when the need be. You may have noticed that a big number of brochure-type websites are created this way. It’s not a bad thing. There are so many things that can be done with optimization and design that are just not possible with a dynamic website.

“Dynamic” means that the content on the site changes “dynamically”. The entire content of the site (text and images) is usually fed from a content management system (CMS). It means when one updates data on the site, its content is also updated. This method opens up a lot of options that can make your website flexible and user-friendly.

Those websites that contain shopping carts work this way. Because the content is frequently changed on such websites, it’s got to be constantly updated. When including additional functionality on the site, you get more variables to consider. These variables require more effort, energy and work to be done. Besides, they make the design more expensive.

I would say, if you’ve established a small or medium-sized business, you don’t really need to have a website with hundred of web pages. If you don’t intend to update it on a regular basis, you shouldn’t invest extra money in making your website dynamic. Static websites are cost effective, financially viable to develop and host. In addition, they are easy for search engines to crawl and index.Thus, if you don’t plan to expand your business in the  future, a static website would be an ideal solution.


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