To have or not to have a mobile app

In modern world everybody is using smartphones and other portable devices to access the Internet. Hence, web developers have started to actively work in this direction. Whatever platform you use – will it be iOS or Android, you’ve got a wide range of mobile applications to choose from and install on your phone or tablet device

A lot of business owners encounter with a dilemma today – to have or not to have a mobile application. In case you’d like to have one but not really sure whether it’s going to be of any use for your clients, you’ve come to the right site! I’d like to talk over pros and cons of having a mobile app for your website.

I expect you’ve noticed how many web users use mobile and tablet devices today. Despite desktops are still central devices to use for work, you can never know when people decide to turn to a mobile to access the Internet. But the question is, is it worth time and effort to create a mobile app? I’m not talking about money now. As it occurs, a majority of business owners who are still indecisive about pursuing mobile development want to know whether it’s going to be useful for their clients.

Why do you need a mobile application if you can opt for mobile-ready website? For more options you can basically switch to a separate mobile version of the site or find special tools (WPtouch, for instance, that’s very popular within owners of WordPress-based websites). The prominent advantage of mobile-ready websites is that they have an appealing interface and are not that expensive. Besides, mobile-ready websites can work equally well on both, Android and iOS platforms.

Applications require proper promotion. If they haven’t been featured by Apple or Google Play, you’d have to promote it yourself. The downside is, if you’ve created an app for a small-sized enterprise, it won’t ever have 5 million downloads! To guarantee a mobile app success, one has got to be sure that this app will be downloaded by a multitude of web users. A lot of work and promotion should be done.

However, mobile applications have got a lot of advantages over mobile-ready websites. First thing first, they make it possible to send push notifications and updates to your clients. If you’re interested in attracting customers to your content on a regular basis, won’t it be great to be always present in front of a customer in a form of an icon? Isn’t it better than just to be saved in bookmarks somewhere in the phone’s browser? But the statistisk speaks the loudest. About 82 per cent of the time that people spent with mobile media is performed via mobile applications.

What can I add? The answer seems to be obvious. Mobile applications gain more and more popularity nowadays and help to establish more efficient interaction between sellers and customers. Do you need to have one – it’s completely up to you. However, I believe it’s worth to go along with technologies and give your prospects easy access to your product or service. Besides, today a process of creating mobile apps is not that complicated. If you get interested in it, you can start to play with ready-to-go solutions and learn a lot from there!



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