The worst web designs errors that should be avoided by all means

I don’t think that a web designer who intends to create a website that would be burdened by mistake after mistake. However, as it usually happens in life, good intentions may easily pave the road to hell. In other words, you have no guarantees whatsoever that your actions will ensure you success. That’s probably why there are so many websites on the Internet that are plagues with numerous errors which repel their visitors and repulse them from ever coming back.

I am sure you know what websites I’m talking about. You’ve definitely encountered with these annoying websites time after time again. They all basically suffer from the same type of problems. The pages of these websites take long to load, the texts are either too large or too small, color combinations are terrible, the links are broken or don’t open at all and there are many many problems that you can recall from your own experience.

However, a professional web designer who values his reputation and credibility should always care about enhancing user’s experience. A feeling of comfort, that’s what I’m talking about. A user of any professional website should come to the site, feel himself (herself) comfortable there and be tempted to come back to it again and again.

In this article I’d like to list the most terrible web design errors that should be avoided by all means. When visitors come to a website, they expect to see a website of good quality and have an efficient user experience. That’s what fast-loading web pages enable a website to achieve. Nobody wants to wait for ages till all the graphics load. That’s a very frustrating user experience. And in all honesty, you shouldn’t expect a lot of patience from an average site user who’s got a plethora of websites to choose from.

If, for some reason, your website takes ages to load, check out the following possible web design errors:

– Graphic files that you use are too large;

– Overuse of graphics on a website in general.

Thus, it’s critically important to limit the total amount of graphic on the site, unless you know some ways to include it without sacrificing efficiency of page loading.

Another typical web design error is the usage of too large or too small texts on a site. It goes without saying that small texts are useful in a way that they let you fit together lots of information, but this text becomes very difficult to read. And it’s true, especially when we talk about texts displayed on a high-resolution screens.

A design should also have a nice and visually appealing color scheme. Horrid color combinations won’t be able to attract users, that’s for sure. Sometimes, the simplest variant is the best one. Without trying to be very extravagant, you can achieve more efficient results. Think of the color scheme for a background that would be pleasant on the eyes.

What irritates the most is probably a number of pop-up windows that chaotically appear on the site. Maybe it’s an effective way to promote a product, but let’s put things straight: at first, it’s useless with respect to search engine optimization, and at second, it slows down the loading time of a browser. Now think about it again. Do you still believe it’s the best way to advertise? As a web designer you need to understand that your main goal is to draw users’ attention on the content, pleasantly impress them with it and give interesting information at the same time.

I am sure you’re way better than these web design errors!



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