The secrets of Google

Google is easily the best search engine on the Web. But most people don’t use it to its best advantage. If you hope that plugging in a keyword or two would give you excellent results, you’re wrong. It’s the best and the quickest way to search, definitely, and yet, with more than 3 billions of pages in Google’s index, it can be a real struggle to filter the results. Google is remarkably a powerful tool that can enhance your Internet exploration. The search options of Google go beyond simple keywords and web.

The logical function “OR”

You need to know the main principles of processing keywords in search engines. Generally, a search system applies the logical function “and” to each of the keywords typed in by a web user. If a web user is looking for something like “Hacker is a cute magazine”, search system will give web pages that contain all the words from the query. Sometimes one may need to find a web page that contains at least one of the two words. In that case, it’s needed to put “or” between the words.

Important words

If someone needs to put an emphasis on one of the keywords, he should put “+” in front of it. By doing so, you will facilitate the browsing process. The system will understand which of the keywords is more important and generate more accurate results.

Remove “bells and whistles”

Very often the search results can be diluted with excessive information. Don’t waste your time looking through all unneeded information. Use a filter. It’s not difficult. The words that you don’t want to include in the query should be preceded by the sigh “-”.

Use synonyms

Google recognizes synonyms. If you want it to give you accurate results including synonyms, put a sign “~” in front of a main keyword.

Quick calculator

If you need to quickly count something, it’s not necessary to open calculator application. All you need to do is to type in your numbers in the search box and click ENTER. Google will quickly count everything for you. E.g. (31337-3.14)/87, 600 USD in RUR.

A quick dictionary

If you want to find out the meaning of the word, all you need to do is to type in a modifier “define:” in front of a needed word. E.g. “define:web design”.


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