The psychology of logo design

The psychology of logo design is one of the most overlooked aspect in the process of creating a logo. Whilst talking about logo, most people associate it with a certain set of colors or styles, although it’s so much more than that. Saying “logo design”, people usually mean the activity of creating a logo when the term “logo” usually refers to any symbol that is designed to identify a company. What is the psychology of logo design? That’s the whole study of the meanings that can be seen in a logo other than the meaning of identification.

The logo design process: defining psychology

Before going any further, let’s define the meaning of the term “psychology” in the logo design process. Understanding the psychology behind colors, shapes and styles will help you to somehow control the impact on people’s mindset. Remember that every additional attribute – whether you want it or not – can create additional meaning to the original appearance. The actual term “logo” derives from the Greek “logos” and means “word”. Thus, when you design a logo, you basically create a visual “word” that is going to be associated with the business.

As a rule, people understand and interact with your logo the same way they do it with words. If people with distinct levels of education perceive words differently, they may do the same with your logo. What you should do is to think of each part of your logo as an attribute and what it’s going to mean. The more time you spend working on the meanings of your attributes, the more control will you have over people and their understanding of your logo.

The role of color

Very often a role of color is misunderstood and usually, by the clients themselves. It’s no wonder considering the amount of information available on the web. Some webmasters call “this” red when others call “this” yellow. Obviously, the result is going to be disastrous. Clients request a certain color for their logo without realizing the psychology behind it.

Hopefully now you know that colors do have additional meanings but it’s important to understand that these meanings are not fixed. For many centuries people have been giving new meanings to the same colors and only the process of applying the same meaning to the same color resulted in its strong association with a certain thing. However, you have to remember that different colors have different meanings in different cultures and societies. Let’s take a look at a short review of the main colors and their basic meanings.

Black color is usually associated with some kind of mystery, sophistication, power, death. White color stands for hope, purity, simplicity, goodness. Love, anger, passion, romance, danger are emotions relative to the red color. Blue color is associated with confidence, peace, integrity; grey color presents maturity, authoritativeness, stability and security. What is usually associated with green color? A whole bunch of things, among which money, life, growth, nature, freshness, etc.


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