The main principles of effective web design

Majority of people mistakenly believe that visual appeal is what’s got to mean effective web design. However, it’s not like that. Usability and the utility are the principles that determine success or failure of any website. With a client in mind, designers create user-centric designs for their successful and profitable maintenance on the world net. After all, if a user is not able to use a site comfortably, why should it exist?

In this article I won’t go in details where to place this or that feature. I’d like to be more specific about those principles, proper implementation of which will lead to more elaborate design solutions and simplify the process of presented information on the screen.

The first law of usability principles is to create web pages that are obvious and self-explanatory. When you create a website, make sure you don’t leave any place for questions marks. All the decisions that users make should be deliberated when all the pros, cons and alternatives are well considered. If the architecture of the site is not clear, users might easily get lost on the site trying to find their path to the aim.

Don’t make users wait. If you create a website to offer the audience some tools or services, it’s important to keep the requirements minimal. The more action is required from a user to do, the most unlikely a random user will actually want to try it out. If you were a user interested in some service, first thing first you would be interested in playing with it, not filling numerous web forms. I would recommend not to force people share their private details immediately. Give people a chance to browse your site first and get introduced with all provided services or tools.

Some elements of web sites, both static and dynamic, naturally tend to attract more attention than others do. As a rule, images are naturally more eye-catching compared to text. By typing a sentence in bold, you can focus users’ attention on the message and make it stand out from the rest of plain text. Despite videos can annoy users (when they automatically start playing, for instance, or unexpectedly pop up on the screen), from the marketing point of view they ideally catch the eye of a user. However, if you’d be reasonable, you can easily guide web users from different points of the site by focusing their attention on various features. It’s important to remember that good user experience is the aim of usability.

Another great way to guide your users through the site is to use visually appealing 1-2-3-done steps. They are extremely effective and user-friendly. Designers need to think of all possible ways to provide a well-understood content and comfortable interaction system.



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