The best and the worst about Joomla

Web CMS known as WCMS is one of the most popular forms of content management systems that’s used in the market  today. The variety of existing CMS softwares is great. They are enterprise CMS, document management systems, media content management systems, mobile content management system, component management systems, etc. And yet, WCMS are known to be the most demanded and highly used form of CMS.

Similarly to many other CMS softwares, Web CMS has become popular since it provides a lot of functions and services that help users with little knowledge of programming and markup languages to create the content with relative ease and manage their entire website. On the contrary to web-site builders or softwares Web CMS allows its non-technical users to make any changes to the site. One of the examples is Joomla CMS.

What is Joomla? Joomla is a great and popular software used as Web CMS. Joomla is a software that’s mostly used by people who doesn’t have a great experience or training in programming languages. It’s become very popular in the market because of its features.

Joomla package consists of modular extensions and integrations that facilitate updating process of the entire website. The extensions called “plugins” is one of the examples. As web experts say, plugins usually work similarly to the way in which plugins work in Mozilla Firefox. They all significantly extend functionality of Joomla-based website. The popular example of such extensions is the JoomSEF plugin.

This JoomSEF plugin is used to add functions and mainly for search engine optimization. The functions of the above plugin include rewriting URL links to be search engine friendly and clear so that people can understand them. There are way more available and comprehensive extensions. Some of the “components” help webmasters to perform the following tasks such as backup their websites, translate the content, create URLs that would be more search engine friendly and if the need be, add a shopping cart for ecommerce website.


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