Shall we create a customer-friendly website?

Do you know what thing annoys Internet users most of all? According to the survey of a local Internet cafe, there are top three turn-offs that have a great impact on customers’ impression:

  • sites that take ages to load;
  • confusing websites with complicated navigation system;
  • sites that don’t contain the claimed information.

The common and most expected reaction to such websites is that Internet users quickly move on to another website. The truth is, you have only a few seconds to create the first impression. If you get things wrong on the site, your customers won’t give you a second chance.

Thus, if you don’t want this situation happening to you, I would recommend you to follow a few effective tips when designing or redesigning your company’s website. First important thing would be to clarify the whole purpose of your website. What is the whole idea of the site? To sell, to inform or to entertain customers? The design of the site has to be relevant to its purpose. The requirements for a commercial website would certainly differ from those ones required to create a local community website.

You need to plan your website with the customer in mind. Being a website owner or a designer, it’s essential to consider the main reasons why the customers want to visit a website. Something that looks coherent and logical to you may look quite confusing and complex for a visitor. Meticulously think of the effective layout and structure of the site.

Despite Internet Explorer is widely used around the world, don’t overlook those users who use alternatives such as Mozilla, Netscape and Opera. The sites should be viewed in other browsers as well. If you manage to design a cross-browser compatible website, you won’t lose the number of your visitors to the site.

A website shouldn’t be too complex. Simplicity is the key. Of course, if you have to showcase your design skills, that’s a different situation. But in any other case, you should keep things simple. Visitors should easily access the content. That’s the reason why most visitors come to the site anyway.

Don’t create a complex navigation system. That’s one of the most important aspects, the other one is content which should reflect website’s purpose. The links on the site should be clear and self-explanatory. Don’t be afraid to personalize your website. Greet your visitors and serve up content specifically to their needs.


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