Principles of web design

Principles of web design are as much important to web design as to any other field where design is involved. Following these principles you will be able to build a web page and arrange all its elements in an effective and aesthetic manner. With all those principles used properly, web pages can look better and convey the message in a more efficient way. I hope, this article will help you to learn more about the principles of web design and effectively apply them in the projects.

What is design? We all have heard this term so many times, but what actually does it stand for? Do we all mean the same thing? There are a lot of definitions. I’m more than sure if you’ve asked ten different people to explain what it means, you would hear ten different answers. Here I offer you to get to know them and see how designers use them in hand.

If you opened a dictionary, you would probably find about twenty definitions. I will share with you some of them that seem most relevant to our work. Here they are:

– preparation of the sketches and plans for a project; planning a form and structure of the project;

– to intend a project to work towards the goals;

– an outline of a work of art, a building or a machine that’s got to be constructed;

– a plan or a project.

When you start to build a website, it’s important to focus on the interface of the site because it’s the way how your website is going to be perceived intellectually. That’s the page which includes the theme and metaphor (due to which readers can see what to click and what path to choose to navigate through the website. This page should also include the information about site architecture. Visual elements on the site help to create the right “feel” of the site. By visual elements I mean the graphics, color, styles and the layout of the site on a whole. Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other programming languages is important to build a site. Web development process and web design always go hand in hand, and you need to remember it. Neglecting one of the aspects will result in creating a failed project.

Ok, so now when we’ve clarified the basics, it’s high time to discuss the principles of the site that enable creation of a visually-appealing and perfect project with regards to its functionality.

Balance. Do you know how to distribute light and heavy elements on the site? As a rule, larger elements appear to be heavier in design compared to the small pictures. When following the principle of balance one can arrange the elements on the site in a proper and clear manner so that the layout works at its best.

Contrast. For some reason, most people picture black and white when one mentions contrast. But there’s so much more about it. It’s way more than just a color scheme. If you take shapes, they can contrast to each other (square, round). Talking about textures, you can pick different material (smooth, rough). Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Emphasize. It’s very tempting to put an emphasis on everything. But if you do so, you will make your website look plain and flat with no personality whatsoever. As a designer, it’s important to think of a hierarchy of the elements and determine which information is more important and needs to stand out from the rest.

Rhythm is another important principle that should be kept through the entire. In other words, rhythm is a repetition of the elements that provides consistency to your web designs. People naturally comprehend patterns better.


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