How to become a top WordPress developer

First, let’s put it straight – becoming a successful WordPress developer is hard work, really hard work that require a lot of professionalism and programming skills. The desire to succeed in web development is going to take a lot of energy, time and determination. If you belong to those people who look for some “fast pass” to the top, you’re definitely going to waste your time. Becoming one of the best is a challenging task, and more when statistics is considered. The odds are stacked against you, if I have to be honest.

Someone who can set up WordPress cms, read a few online guidelines and customize WordPress themes is not necessarily a top developer. As a rule, such webmasters call themselves “experts”. Well, if so, then it’s not problem at all. But they can’t claim to be professional web developers. Professionals move far beyond that and aims to push the boundaries wherever it’s possible. They generate new ideas, contribute to the communities and demonstrate high-level of their skills in the work they do.

And if you’ve decided that to be “an expert” is not for you and you’d like to move to the top, you may find this article very useful.

Why to be a top WordPress developer? Ask yourself a different question: “why not?” If you work (or if you’ve just started) with WordPress, why should you settle for being average? There are too many average developers in the industry. It’s much more fruitful to stand out from the ruck. Well, if these beliefs don’t sound quite convincing, consider the other reasons:

– Professional WordPress developers make the most money. WordPress cms has become one of the most demanded platform to run a website, thus, business owners are willing to pay for quality design services.

The best clients. Being on the top of the industry, you’re literally got a total control of your projects. You can easily say “No” to the projects that you don’t want to work with.

Reputation and the most influence. Someone who’s on the top can actually influence WordPress environment and contribute to shaping of its future.

So, if your decision is definite and you’re determined to hold top positions in web development, get ready to read a lot. It’s important to spend at least one hour a day concentrated on learning more about WordPress. As I’ve said, the task is not easy and requires sacrifice and commitment. There are so many great resources available on the web to read and learn. Before you can start gaining new experience, it goes without saying that you need some education.

Join the right forums and follow up the blogs of professional web developers who can educate you. Follow their examples and if it’s need, ask for an advice. If you’ve seriously decided to delve into WordPress basics, start to understand its technology. If you know PHP/MySQL, it’s great, however, make sure that your skills are up-to-date. If you don’t know these programming languages, it’s high time to learn them. Explore the Code database, read “Make WordPress”, etc. There are hundreds of forums where you can speak to professionals and discuss all the questions about themes, plugins, the core etc. I’d also recommend to join WordPress community and contribute to the development of content management system. There are so many ways in which you can help professionals to evolve this platform, even if your knowledge is not sufficient enough. The bottomline is, if you want to move to the top, you need to ready for continual improvement.


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