How much code should web designers know?

That’s an interesting topic to discuss. When web designers get started in Adobe Photoshop they usually feel in high spirits and rush to complete their first projects, but what the use of creating a Photoshop mockup if you can’t really built it? Theoretically, web designers aren’t supposed to know any programming. What they work with are pretty pixels in an image. However, in the present days it’s become very important to go forward and learn both of the fields. With such knowledge you can market yourself as a professional in both design and markup. Speaking honestly, it’s quite a challenging task to be equally good in design and development sphere, hence, I’d like to discuss a few points so that we can see how much code is desirable to know.

An ideal working process implies creating a great-looking web design, importing it into a program and converting it to a proper functioning website. But in reality, most web designers and developers must work together to create a web project with a visually appealing look and great functionality. I have to say that anybody skilled and experienced should have at least minimum knowledge of HTML and CSS. Other way, it won’t be easy to build a career in web industry. Besides, I can assure you that you won’t regret learning these basics a single day in your life.

If you learn to work with landing design, that would already be a big step forward. Today, most web design companies hunt for designers who understand frontend development to be able to build their ideas into a browser. As practice shows, even a novice web designer with zero knowledge of HTML can learn the basics of programming languages in a couple of weeks.

JavaScript is another great programming language that’s very popular today and is supported in most browsers. With knowledge of JavaScript, one can add flair into designs and create outstanding websites for dynamic content. jQuery is another option. It’s simpler and can be used to perform the same tasks with less efforts. Therefore, if you’d decided to go a little bit forward and expand your knowledge, take some time and learn the basics of jQuery. A webmaster who is able to create a nice-looking mockup and code it into a dynamic web page is a valuable worker who will always stand out from the crowd. There are dozens of jQuery tutorials on the Internet which you could watch and get started.

However, don’t expect to see immediate results. Give it some time. It does take some time before you memorize the elements of HTML and CSS properties. I would say, if you can’t code properly, don’t code at all. The new HTML5 specs are very easy to understand and learn. With a wide range of available free templates written in HTML you can download some of them and play around with a code.

When started a career in web design, it’s essential to consider your goals for the future. If you wish to cultivate and grow as a webmaster, you need to improve your web design skills and expand horizon of knowledge. That is for sure. But it’s up to you what to start with. The only thing I can say, you won’t ever regret learning programming languages down the road.


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