How colors help make websites successful

You may dismiss the importance of colours in web design, however you should know that they play a crucial role in creating the right impact on your prospects. The site can be green, it might as well be red; does it matter? Whilst I was thinking about this question, I’ve come to the conclusion that the color can actually make a big difference and express something absolutely different to your target audience. Every color and its tone has got its own psychological effect. And this article will tell you about the influence of colors on a human being.

There is actually a lot of stuff that a human being can get excited with. One of the most effective ways to excite someone is to produce a thing in red color. It’s scientifically proved that a person who lives in a red room has a higher heart rate and blood pressure compared to a person who lives in a room with green or blue walls. Red color quickly excites human senses. For the same reason most fast food companies choose red color as their main or secondary color. As an example, think of such companies as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Burger King, Kentucky Chicken, etc.

Colors stimulate our senses. They can motivate us to do certain things, increase our appetite, make us feel warm or tranquil. Though, there are much more to colors in web design than just an emotional factor. Colors have a great impact on human beings. Ok, Las Vegas is another great example. People use a lot of red lights in that city. Red colors propel people to take decisive actions and feel more powerful while blue colors often encourage them to think. Have you seen the caution signs? As a rule, they are also in red.

Mixing colors is another good practice. However, you should be very careful when mixing the colors to not overdo the image of the site. Very complementary colors may have a bad effect on people’s eyes. A great example of mixing complementary colors is the Pepsi logo. Red and blue colors are separated by a big layer of white. This logo looks very vivid and eye-catching.

When selecting colors for your website don’t forget about culture differences. One and the same color can easily mean different things in different countries. Therefore, if you don’t want to mislead your customers and create the right impression, carefully learn about the culture of your target prospects right at the beginning.


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