Google custom search engine to improve your WordPress search results

None would ever dispute multiple advantages of WordPress platform, it’s definitely fantastic software, however one of the most obvious shortcoming of WordPress cms has always been its search.

WordPress community has been working in this direction for years, but the truth is, the search is still far from being perfect. The posts are sorted by the date, not the relevancy, which is quite inconvenient when working with websites that have got lots of content. So, are there any ways to improve the search results on WordPress websites? Yes, there are. There are plugins which you can install to improve the search results. Relevanssi is one of the plugins you can opt for. But, that’s probably the easiest and less efficient route to choose. If you’re seriously interested in providing the best possible results on your website, you should go for Google search.

Google search technology will help you to replace the substandard WordPress search and enhance user’s experience by always providing the best possible results. Custom Search Engine will display Google sponsored results together with your search results. Of course, any average web surfer can distinguish the Google ads from the real search results and ignore unneeded information. But if it’s really that important for you to be sure that people won’t try to click on the Google ad and leave your website, you’ve got another option. You can pay about 100 dollars per year for Google site search that will remove all the ads and supply you with additional support and customization options.

How to set up a Custom Search Engine? It’s not a difficult task. Go to the site www.google.com/cse and find there a menu saying “Create a Csutom Search engine”. Now, when you’ve clicked it, all you have to do is to give it a name, description and a website you want it to search. Select what kind of version you’d like to have – free or paid, accept the terms and click the button “Next”. The next page will let you customize the look of your search, change the color, borders, background, etc. so that everything goes with the entire website design.

Now you can test your Custom Search Engine to see whether it works fine. Proceed to the next page. There you will find a code that should be copied and pasted into your website. However, Google provides a search just for a single page search engine, with the results at the bottom of the page and the search box at the top. Probably, not much use if you’d be more interested in having search box on every page of the site. The last stage is choosing the layout. Save the one you like the most and specify the URL of your search results page.

In addition, I could recommend you to do just a few more things to improve your search engine. If you’ve got certain web pages on a site that you don’t want people to find by searching your website, you can play with the settings and prevent search engines from indexing these pages. In a category “Specific URL” enter the URL which you don’t want to be indexed. Job’s done!


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