Do you have a center of attraction in your web design?

Visitors have left your website within seconds…That’s the problem that most web designers encounter with in the present days. Most of their prospects click away from the website at a blink of the eye. Well, it’s easily understandable. Modern viewers are used to high technologies because we all live in the jet age. If a site takes long to load, users quickly lose their interest and move on to another website. Internet offers a great variety of choices.

Today users are fast and vigorous. They don’t like to spend their time in vain. That’s why it’s important to get your viewers hooked. The only possible solution is to think of a focal point in your web design that would instantly capture visitors’ attention. Focal point is supposed to be the eye-catching center of the page. It’s got to stand out and look different in the row with other website components. Besides, it should convey the main idea of the site.

The basics

As the saying goes: “Too many cooks spoil the broth”, in the same way too many focal point on the site spoil the impression of the site. It’s fair to say that having more than one focal point actually means having none. Viewer’s attention will get scattered and the main message won’t be understood.

However, it’s possible to combine two eye-catching centers, one of which should encourage people to take some actions, either sign up or make a purchase. What’s important here is to make them distinguishing for a user. Play with the color, size, graphics, text and positioning to actualize two focal points.

Centerpiece: positiong

The most expected answer would be to place it on the homepage, however, that’s where most web designers make a great mistake. Every page should have its own center of attention. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, however, make those elements impressive and prominent.


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