As luck would have it, today we need to think about two sites: a traditional website and its mobile optimized version. In our days it’s become a necessity, no matter what others might say. You may already have a traditional…

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It’s difficult to argue that images are very important on web pages. But sometimes they can cause a lot of problems if a developer is not following design rules. In this article I’d like to share with you a few…

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A success of a website is basically determined by its navigation. User-friendly navigation system is undoubtedly a key component of any site, it’s a so-called gateway through which visitors are guided to all sections of the content. Therefore, there are…

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Last year we witnessed a lot of trends in web designing that drastically changed the way in which we approach and build websites. This year is going to see the World Wide Web flock towards HTML5-based websites that are designed…

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Today, seems like it’s easier to find a web designer who understands desktop support better than mobile. It does make sense, to be fair. Web development industry has been entirely focused on creation and maintenance of browsers for desktops for…

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When a designer is working with mobile interface design, he or she has got to consider a number of factors; and one of the most critical is that all devices are built differently. Thus, each new visitor will have a…

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