WordPress is constantly evolving and releases new versions. The latest one was a great one for theme authors that’s mainly concentrated on post formats. A new post format UI is created to target an end-user. In this article I am…

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Principles of web design are as much important to web design as to any other field where design is involved. Following these principles you will be able to build a web page and arrange all its elements in an effective…

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First, let’s put it straight – becoming a successful WordPress developer is hard work, really hard work that require a lot of professionalism and programming skills. The desire to succeed in web development is going to take a lot of…

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In this article I’d like to delve into some of the hottest trends in web design that are getting more and more popular in 2013. All the designs are reflection of culture and our expectations for user interfaces. The trends…

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When a novice webmaster starts to work with websites, he/she may ask a lot of questions. Should I create HTML-based websites? Do cms-based websites work in a more user-friendly way? What is CSS and what functions does it perform? The…

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Plugins are an important part of why WordPress cms is so popular amongst bloggers and website owners around the world. The most powerful motivator for choosing WordPress platform over the rest is its ability to extend and meet just about…

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