None would ever dispute multiple advantages of WordPress platform, it’s definitely fantastic software, however one of the most obvious shortcoming of WordPress cms has always been its search. WordPress community has been working in this direction for years, but the…

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What makes a website and webpage great? Well, it’s surely its ability to attract people from all the corners of the world. But it’s important to clearly understand that just accessibility of your website to the global audiences won’t make…

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Those developers who work with the most intricate and eloquent themes and templates quite often face quite challenging tasks that may include adding special effects to a template, coding the template for further integrations or simple tweaking the templates. Most…

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In the last decade the Internet has been rapidly changed and progressed. In the present days it’s vitally important to have a website that would load fast, appeal to the public and meet the requirements of search engines. For this…

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I don’t think that a web designer who intends to create a website that would be burdened by mistake after mistake. However, as it usually happens in life, good intentions may easily pave the road to hell. In other words,…

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WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used cross-platform management systems. According to the released data, more than 17 per cent of websites are now powered by the mentioned content management system, and this figure is continuously grow….

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