Adding web graphics

It’s difficult to argue that images are very important on web pages. But sometimes they can cause a lot of problems if a developer is not following design rules. In this article I’d like to share with you a few simple rules of how to use images with benefits.

First thing first, it’s a good idea to keep images small. They download faster. A website will download faster as well. It’s not a secret that web users are very impatient today. If they have to spend ages around a website to access the content, they will more likely shift to another site that has got higher downloading speed. A good size for pictures is 10K. Besides, search engines prefer websites that load quicker. If you’re interested in promoting company’s website on the Internet, you should not neglect this aspect, that’s for sure.

Here are a few effective ways how to keep images small:

– for photographs you can use JPG format and for flat color pictures GIF images;
– try to crop the images; it’s not necessary to post everything, you can include only the important parts;
– when using GIF images it’s recommended to use a fewer number of colors;
– try to compress JPG images as small as it’s only possible.

Use Graphic Software to resize the images, not a browser. When using width and height attributes to resize the images, you basically slow down the speed of a browser as it takes it significantly longer to render the page. A browser needs time to determine how to display the graphics and it’s time that a lot of users won’t spend on waiting and just leave a site. If you don’t want to lose potential customers, make sure your pages load fast.

Include descriptive text in Alt text. This is a requirement to have a proper and valid HTML code. But it also makes your pages more accessible. In case a picture hasn’t downloaded yet, an alt text will be displayed on the screen.

How to add images to web pages? Well, it’s not a difficult job at all. There are only two required attributes. They are alt and scr. The alt provides alternative text when there is a problem with the download or if a picture is not visible. The source of the image is scr. It’s created in URL format and it’s got to directly point to GIF, PNG or JPG image on a site.

Apart from the above mentioned alt and scr, there are a few other attributes that could be used to speed up the work of a site. By playing with settings such as height, width, title, usemap and ismap and wisely allocating the space in the window one can help a browser to render images faster.


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